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The Dharma Door - Captain Basket

The Dharma Door - Captain Basket

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Practical for bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries, the Captain Basket is an ideal catch-all to keep clothes, shoes and toys off the floor. Hang it on the back of a door or on the wall as a functional style statement.

We've designed this basket with handcrafted knotted jute string on the outside, reminiscent of a fishing net, and lined it with hand loomed natural cotton canvas. Attached to a strong bamboo ring, the Captain Basket features a macrame loop for hanging and a length of twisted jute to loop over the hook, balancing the weight and ensuring you can fill this beauty to the brim.

  • Diameter 40cm
    Height 62cm
    Hanging loop 4-5cm diameter
    Flexible sides and handcrafting mean each basket may slightly differ in size