The Fitzroy Naturopath - Organic Liver Cleanse

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Ingredients: Dandelion root, Schisandra, Globe Artichoke, Milk Thistle, Burdock Root, Liquorice, Spearmint

The delightful duo of Spearmint & Liquorice compliment the bitterness of the liver herbs beautifully. Dandelion Root, Schisandra, Globe Artichoke, Milk Thistle & Burdock Root all facilitate & increase the detoxification pathways of the liver, allowing toxins to be excreted effectively. The liver is our biggest detox organ, highlighting importance of a well functioning liver, thereby enhancing purification of the entire body.

BREWING: 1 teaspoon per 250mL/1 cup

                    85 degrees

                    4 minutes


75 serves